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Plan Early for Next Year's Waterfowl Season

A streamlined regulations-setting process will give waterfowlers more time to prepare for opening day

Not long after the season ends, most waterfowl hunters are already thinking about the next one. Over the ensuing months, they check out winter snow cover on the prairies, waterfowl population and habitat surveys, and summer wetland conditions. Finally, sometime in late summer, comes the announcement of waterfowl hunting regulations, which include season frameworks and daily bag limits in each flyway. Only then can waterfowl hunters make their plans for the upcoming season. That's about to change.

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Waterfowl Migration Map & Resources

Waterfowl Migration

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Decoy Tips

Decoy Strategy

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Retriever Training

Dog Training

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Duck Calling

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Delicious Waterfowl Recipes!

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Waterfowl ID

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Ducks Unlimited & Hunting

DU & Hunting DU was founded by a group of waterfowl hunters more than 75 years ago, and today 90 percent of DU members are hunters.

Through the support of this sportsman constituency, DU has been able to conserve more than 13 million acres of habitat across North America.

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