Wyoming Conservation Projects

Wyoming is part of the Central and Pacific flyways and provides important habitat for breeding and migrating waterfowl. The Heartland Heritage and Habitat Initiative includes Wyoming and focuses on major staging areas for waterfowl during both spring and fall migrations. Dynamic and highly productive seasonal wetlands, braided prairie rivers, and backwater sloughs are priority habitats that provide high-energy food resources for millions of ducks and geese. The Initiative also works to maintain and improve the thousands of small wetlands sprinkled among the state's grasslands that provide quality habitat for breeding waterfowl

In addition, the Peaks to Prairies Initiative works in Wyoming to support the continental life cycle of waterfowl, from the beautiful wetlands and grasslands of the Rockies to the nesting grounds in the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) where healthy migrations begin. The PPR is the primary source of nearly 70 percent of the continent's waterfowl.

Since 1989, DU has worked with partners to conserve 12,442 acres of waterfowl habitat throughout Wyoming. Your support of DU will help achieve those goals.

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