Threatened watersheds protected with $1 million NAWCA grant

More than 2,400 acres of critical wetland will be protected or restored thanks to a $1 million North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant for southeast Wisconsin.

The grant will target the Mukwonago and Fox River watersheds. The watersheds encompass 678,000 acres adjacent to greater Milwaukee and are in one of the fastest growing regions of the state.

This area is experiencing rapid urban development and high land values, especially on developable lands near lakes and wetlands. It is crucial these habitats be conserved before the opportunity is lost.

Conservation efforts will target crucial breeding and migration habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, colonial waterbirds and migratory songbirds, and continue the partnership to deliver a comprehensive strategy, using land protection, wetland management and restoration.

Protection, restoration and enhancement of these lands will benefit wetland and grassland species including mallard, American black duck, northern pintail, wood duck and ring-necked duck. Seven other partners and DU provided matching dollars, bringing the total project to nearly $3.7 million.