Pearsons Eddy - Snohomish River Projects

Ducks Unlimited is currently working on several projects along the Snohomish River just outside of Seattle, Washington. The Pearsons Eddy project is an ambitious effort to protect and restore over 600 acres of freshwater wetlands adjacent to this expansive urban environment. The Pearsons Eddy tract will be acquired using a combination of Wetland Reserve Program funds for easement purchase and North American Wetland Conservation Act fundsfor fee simple purchase

This tract includes four privately owned and adjacent parcels along the lower Snoqualmie River. Ducks Unlimited is proposing to raise approximately $100,000 in donations which will be used to leverage other state and federal dollars to restore 310 acres of palustrine emergent wetlands, 100 acres of palustrine forested wetlands and 216 acres of forested floodplain habitat. After the project is completed, it is proposed that the land will be transferred to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for long-term management as a State Wildlife Area.

These contiguous properties, after acquisition and restoration work has been completed, will create a large and diverse complex of wetlands and associated uplands, benefiting hundreds of species of fish and wildlife. The development of this project will also provide excellent opportunity for public use and recreation, including hunting, fishing, bird watching and wildlife photography. DU is also working on several other projects in this area.  In summary, over 2,300 acres will be protected and restored along the Snohomish River when these projects are completed.