They Said It

"Good waterfowl weather is open to debate, but not the good work of Ducks Unlimited." 
Ron Henry Strait - San Antonio Express News

"The fact is modern waterfowl hunting might not be here if it weren't for DU and their powerful lobby and conservation ethic."
Chester Moore - Port Arthur News

"Who will protect those places where ducks can breed and live? You will - the duck hunters. You will because you protect what you love and cherish"
Will Primos - Primos Game Calls

"Ducks Unlimited is the model by which all conservation should be delivered in America."
George W. Bush - President of the United States

"Blaming Ducks Unlimited for a poor migration is like the ancient Greeks blaming Poseidon for a rough sea. It's the creation of a myth to explain a 100% natural occurrence."
David Schuessler - Director of Event & Volunteer Promotion, DU Inc.

"Look in the skies above your home, your blind or soon on the bay surfaces during your daily commute and you'll glimpse the benefits of DU's efforts. Ducks and duck hunters have come to rely on this conservation organization, so much so that few of us would want to test the results of DU's absence."
David Sikes - Corpus Christi Caller-Times

"In terms of the total impact of man on the landscape that insures the continued welfare of ducks, the hunter is still relatively insignificant. But he's the most significant positive force and this is translated up through legislative action and wildlife clubs and everything else. The hunter is still the main actor on the side of doing something for the long-term future of waterfowl."
Dr. Bruce Batt - Retired Cheif Biologist - Ducks Unlimited Inc.

"If you want to hunt ducks 20 years from now you might want to check out Ducks Unlimited."
Robert Sloan - Beaumont Enterprise

"People in Texas are passionate about the sport of waterfowling and our volunteers and members in Texas are dedicated to what Ducks Unlimited means to them - providing critical waterfowl habitat conservation on the breeding grounds and here in Texas. DU is blessed to have dedicated volunteers like this."
Steve Marasovich - Senior Vice President, DU Inc.

"The public is not so good at connecting the countless dots that put wintering ducks on South Texas ponds, but Ducks Unlimited is and has been doing it for decades. There's plenty of evidence that DU's efforts are working."
Ron Henry Strait - San Antonio Express News

"I came to DU for the cause, I stayed for the people."
John Tomke - Past President & Chairman of the Board, Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

"The correlation is clear and unmistakable. Breeding success is tied to the number of breeding ponds and the surrounding grasslands that protect nests."
David Sikes - Corpus Christi Caller Times