You are joining a special group of monthly donors by becoming a Ducks Unlimited Wetlands Champion today. With your gift of just $21 per month, you will conserve and restore an entire acre of wetlands.

Working with DU’s many partners, your gift can also be leveraged as much as four times for an even larger conservation impact.

With your generous monthly gift of $21 or more, you will also receive the DU Wetlands Champion decal, exclusive woodgrain tumbler, the DU calendar and an issue of the Wetlands America magazine.

Your monthly gift helps:

Waterfowl Habitat

Since 1937, DU has conserved and restored over 15 million acres of the most critical habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife across North America. This wetland habitat is crucial for our vision of waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever.

Improve Water Quality

Wetlands and bordering uplands are one of the most effective natural water quality filters when sited, designed, and managed properly.

Habitat Enhancement

Wetlands provide life-sustaining habitat for thousands of diverse species of plants and animals, including at least a third of the nation’s threatened and endangered species and more than 900 North American bird species.

Water Supply

In some parts of the country, wetlands play a vital role in recharging aquifers that are important for irrigation and drinking water. Wetlands capture drifting snow and runoff from summer storms and slowly release that water to underlying aquifers.

Flood Abatement

As water moves from headwaters through river systems and ultimately reaches estuaries, wetlands along the way play vital roles in storing and slowly releasing flood waters. When wetlands are drained, the drainage area boundary increases, water moves downstream faster and flood peaks increase.


Today, 22 of the 32 largest U.S. cities, such as Boston, San Francisco and Tampa Bay, are located on coastal estuaries. These wetlands improve the quality of life for many urban communities and provide spaces for people to explore the great outdoors through a wide array of sporting activities such as hiking, kayaking, birdwatching, photography, fishing and hunting.

Our Gift to You

Give just $21 or more per month and we’ll send you the DU Wetlands Champion decal, exclusive woodgrain tumbler, the DU calendar and an issue of the Wetlands America magazine as a token of our thanks.

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