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Ducks Unlimited does more than any other organization to put ducks in the sky, but we simply can't do it without your support. Ladies, if you join online for only $35, you'll receive membership benefits for one year, including a member card, decals, Ducks Unlimited Magazine and members-only Web access. As an added bonus, we'll also send you the DU Ladies Cap, Pink Flask and Pink DU Duckhead Decal as our free gifts to you!

Already a member? You can still take advantage of this offer and receive the free gifts. Your membership will be extended for an additional year from the date of payment. 

The future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting is in your hands. Future generations will thank you for your support today.

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The DU Ladies Cap is great for a day in the great outdoors, on the beach, or anytime you want to sport a great look. This breathable all-cotton black cap features the Ducks Unlimited logo embroidered in bright pink. One size fits most.

Our Ladies Pink Flask is proof that good things do come in small packages. This 6 oz. feminine flask fits perfectly in your bag or tote or even a deep pocket. Measures 3 3/4" high. Screw-on cap prevents leaks. Faux pink leather wrap covers the stainless steel body and features an embossed DU logo.

PLUS the DU Pink Duckhead Decal—all three can be YOURS with your $35 membership. It’s a great way to show your support of the wetlands you love! Plus, get great benefits like these:

  • A one-year subscription to Ducks Unlimited magazine
  • Members-only access to discussion forums on our website
  • Invitations to special events throughout the year
  • An official Ducks Unlimited membership card
  • Decals for your vehicle featuring the DU logo and crest
  • And the satisfaction of knowing that you are making an important contribution to the future of America—and the waterfowling heritage we cherish.

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity and your contribution may be deductible for income tax purposes. Please see your tax advisor for actual deductibility. $1.25 of your annual membership will be applied to your one-year subscription of Ducks Unlimited magazine and is non-deductible from your annual membership dues.
Ducks Unlimited is committed to using your money wisely – at least 80% of every dollar goes directly to DU's conservation mission.

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. - One Waterfowl Way - Memphis, TN - 1-800-45-DUCKS

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