Upgrade to a 75th Anniversary Membership!

If you recently joined Ducks Unlimited or just renewed your membership at $35 or more, you can upgrade to the 75th Anniversary Membership with a $40 gift. You’ll receive a limited-edition 75th Anniversary membership pin along with a set of 4 beautiful vintage decoy Travertine coasters, both proudly made in the USA, as our gifts.

Ducks Unlimited does more than any other organization to put ducks in the sky. Our vision is to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever, but we simply can't do it without your support.

Thank you for upgrading your DU membership today!

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Upgrade to a 75th Anniversary Membership!

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Each custom 4x4 Travertine coaster is proudly made in the USA and displays a vintage decoy from the periods prior to, during, and following the creation of DU.  They include:

Hen Scaup by Martin Humphrys, 1895-1945
San Francisco, CA circa 1925
High Neck Drake Pintail by Richard “Fresh Air Dick” Janson, 1872-1951
Vallejo, CA area circa 1940

Drake Canvasback by martin Humphrys, 1895-1945
San Francisco, CA circa 1925

Drake Greenwing Teal by Luigi Andreuccetta, 1898-1978
Sacramento, CA circa 1936  

Enjoy your DU 75th Anniversary Vintage Decoy Coasters with our sincere thanks!

Ducks Unlimited is committed to using your money wisely – at least 80% of every dollar goes directly to DU's conservation mission.

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity and your contribution may be deductible for income tax purposes. Please see your tax advisor for actual deductibility. $1.25 of your annual membership will be applied to your one-year subscription of Ducks Unlimited magazine and is non-deductible from your annual membership dues.
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