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By joining Ducks Unlimited, you are doing your part to ensure that duck populations will continue to rise and the future of waterfowl hunting is brighter for generations to come. For only $35, you'll receive member benefits for one year, and as an added bonus, we'll also send you the Green Pearl Duck Call! This unique double-reed call is exclusive for DU members only and available for a limited time.

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Created exclusively for DU by calling legend Buck Gardner, this unique all-acrylic double-reed call is available only to Ducks Unlimited members. Each green pearl duck call is hand-tuned and tested to give you years of performance.  

Duck Call Features include:
  • Double-reed call features SBT (Short Barrel Technology™) for better call control
  • Green pearl acrylic barrel with laser-engraved DU logo 
  • Unique black swirl acrylic band
  • Hand tuned and tested
Not available in stores, this duck call is available for a limited time only with your membership gift of $35.  Plus, you'll get great benefits like these:
  • Personalized DU credentials
  • A one-year subscription to Ducks Unlimited magazine
  • Members-only access to discussion forums on our website
  • Invitations to special events throughout the year
  • And the satisfaction of knowing that you are making an important contribution to the future of America—and the waterfowling heritage we cherish
Supplies are limited. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity and your contribution may be deductible for income tax purposes. Please see your tax advisor for actual deductibility. $1.25 of your annual membership will be applied to your one-year subscription of Ducks Unlimited magazine and is non-deductible from your annual membership dues.
Ducks Unlimited is committed to using your money wisely – at least 80% of every dollar goes directly to DU's conservation mission.

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. - One Waterfowl Way - Memphis, TN - 1-800-45-DUCKS

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