State Conservation Projects

Ongoing DU projects in RI

Project Name


Walkers Farm Restoration


Buck Hill Marsh Restoration


Durfee Hill Marsh Restoration


Gooseneck Cove Restoration


Town Pond Restoration


Addieville East Farm


Walker Farm Salt Marsh Restoration, Barrington

The hydrology of the Walker Farm Salt Marsh has been altered over the last several decades by a number of roads and dam structures that have restricted the amount of salt water entering the marsh. The tidal flow restrictions, along with decreasing salinity and impoundment of freshwater, are believed to have resulted in the spread of the invasive common reed, Phragmites australis, throughout the wetland. The restoration effort of this 15-acre site, designed by Ducks Unlimited, will address five tidal restrictions, two former dirt farm roads and three culverts. Bids have recently been solicited and a contractor has been identified. Construction of the project, anticipated for completion in August 2005, is expected to facilitate the return of a diverse salt marsh plant community, increase nekton production and diversity, and benefit coastal bird diversity and abundance.

Buck Hill Marsh Restoration, Burrillville

Buck Hill Marsh, managed by the Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife, is a 31-acre freshwater impoundment built in 1964 to provide increased habitat for waterfowl. Over time, corrosion and beaver activity have deteriorated and damaged the control structure so that water level control is no longer possible. By replacing the water control structure, this marsh will once again be maintained as a shallow water impoundment for breeding and migratory waterfowl as well as other wetland-dependent wildlife. Bids from contractors will be solicited in Spring 2005, with construction anticipated for late summer 2005.

Durfee Hill Marsh Restoration, Glocester

Similar to the Buck Hill Marsh, Durfee Hill Marsh was built by Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife in 1965 to create wetland habitat within the State Management Area. This 16-acre marsh has also been impacted by beaver activities and deterioration of the original structure, which has led to a lack of water management capabilities. Bids from contractors will be solicited in Spring 2005 to replace the water control structure, with construction anticipated for late summer 2005.

Town Pond Restoration, Portsmouth

The 40-acre Town Pond project will restore habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, fish and invertebrates where it formerly existed on Aquidneck Island in Narragansett Bay. In the late 1940's, the US Army Corps of Engineers used Town Pond as a disposal site for several hundred thousand cubic yards of sediments dredged form the Mount Hope Bay shipping channel. The resulting rise in elevation allowed for the invasive common reed, Phragmites australis, to form a dense monoculture at the site. Restoration of Town Pond will create a mosaic of habitats including open water, salt marsh, tidal creek, and coastal grasslands. Bids from contractors are scheduled to be solicited in April 2005, with construction anticipated by Fall 2005.

Addieville East Farm (Geoffe Gaebe Dike and Water Control Structure), Mapleville

Ducks Unlimited provided the design for a new water control structure and dike rehabilitation for a 10-acre freshwater impoundment at the Addieville East Farm. The project, completed in Fall 2004, will allow for greater management capabilities of the impoundment's water levels.


DU is not currently involved with the Gooseneck Cove project. This project had been identified for funding as part of the NOAA-DU Partnership grant, but the funds were reallocated due to constraints of the grant period timeline. At the present time, NOAA is providing funding to consider restoration alternatives for this site. There is potential for DU involvement with this project at a later date, but no formal commitment has been made at this time.


Completed DU projects in RI

Project Name                                                          (Acres)

Year Completed

Nye Marsh Restoration                             (11)


Galilee Salt Marsh Restoration                   (128)


Woody Hill Wildlife Management Area          (15)


Great Swamp Wildlife Management Area      (145)


Burlingame Wildlife Management Area          (5)