Oregon Conservation Projects

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As with most states in the Pacific Flyway, Oregon has many vitally important waterfowl habitats. Used by migrating, breeding or wintering waterfowl, these areas span the spectrum from tidally influenced marshes, high-elevation lakes and arid Great Basin oases.

Coastal Oregon and the Columbia River estuary provide habitat for large numbers of wintering diving ducks, mallards and geese. Southern Oregon wetlands, notably the Klamath Basin, stage vast numbers of snow geese and most of the Pacific Flyway's pintails. Malhuer Lake and other Great Basin wetlands provide important production habitats for redheads, gadwallscinnamon teal and more in eastern Oregon.

Water is a critical resource in all parts of Oregon. Ducks Unlimited projects throughout the state must take into account sensitive fish issues. Our projects almost always improve habitat conditions for both waterfowl and fish. Ongoing research by Ducks Unlimited has shown that fish and ducks need similar habitats to successfully reproduce. DU improves wetlands for waterfowl, and fish thrive.

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