Wetlands and kids at Bismarck Water Festival

Ducks Unlimited participates in Bismarck Water Festival

BISMARCK, May 20, 2016 – Third grade students from the local area splashed into spring at Bismarck State College for the annual Water Festival. During this week's festival students learned the importance of water and how they can conserve our natural resource.

Ducks Unlimited Communications Specialist Jennifer Kross talked to the students about the significance of wetlands for humans and wildlife.

"What I really want the kids to take away from my presentation is that wetlands impact our everyday lives whether we realize it or not and they are beneficial to humans as well as wildlife." Kross said.

Kross described how humans benefit from wetlands in three main areas. Wetlands help replenish ground water, they filter out pollutants and help protect people from flooding by acting like a sponge.

She also talked about how people need to develop but can do it wisely by keeping wetlands in place. Kross explained to the students that federal laws require developers to replace wetlands that were drained or restore damaged wetlands in the process.

Kross told the kids they are lucky to live in North Dakota because it is a part of the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR). The PPR is where up to 75 percent of all waterfowl in North America come to breed.

The Prairie Pothole Region landscape spans South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa and the southern parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba.