Grassland Enhancement Pilot Project (GEPP)

GEPP is a project funded by North Dakota’s Outdoor Heritage Fund in partnership with Ducks Unlimited and the North Dakota Natural Resources Trust. This project provides grazing incentives for state school trust and public land lessees. The focus area for GEPP is in the Bakken shale formation region, northeast of the Missouri River. Eligible lands include state school trust land and leased public land. 

Funding is available at a 60% cost-share rate for grazing infrastructure and vegetation establishment. This includes installation of water wells, pipelines, water tanks, a solar pump system, rural water and native grass plantings. 

The objectives of this program are to improve soil health on pastures, provide reliable water resources on leased land, increase plant diversity and improve drought tolerance of the pasture with planned rest and recovery periods. 

Northwest North Dakota: Dane Buysee, 701-425-4852,
Northeast North Dakota: Robert Ford, 701-230-2141,
Southeast North Dakota: Tanner Gue, 701-595-6945,

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