North Carolina Ducks Unlimited

Here is just a snapshot of what has been accomplished to date in the 2nd year of the Sound CARE initiative:

DU and its partners will expend $1.6 million dollars in 2005/2006 to conserve more than 2,600 acres of wetland and waterfowl habitat in North Carolina, all of these acres are collaborative public land projects with the NCWRC and USFWS.

There are 17 projects in North Carolina under development with the NCWRC and USFWS with a total cost of approximately $6.5 million. These projects are located along the Roanoke River watershed, Northeast NC coastal region, Fort Bragg, and the Johns River watershed.

To date, Sound CARE has conserved 5,966 acres of wintering habitat for waterfowl in North Carolina and 9,661 acres of breeding habitat critical to North Carolina's migratory waterfowl. Total dollars spent on conserving critical habitat for North Carolina's migratory waterfowl is $6.6 million. These funds were generated by DU volunteers in North Carolina through grassroots events, major gifts, and the DU conservation staff.

The goal of Sound CARE is to conserve 64,000 acres of waterfowl habitat at a projected cost of $22 million. Sound CARE will conserve more than 22,000 acres of waterfowl habitat in North Carolina as well as 42,000 acres of breeding habitat that is critical to North Carolina's migratory waterfowl. Of the $22 million dollars, half will be utilized conserving habitat in NC and the other half will be utilized conserving habitat in NC breeding grounds.

Sound CARE is making a difference for North Carolina's waterfowl as well as the wildlife and people of North Carolina. If you want to leave your legacy for conservation and share the passion for our migratory resource, become a DU volunteer today! 

The DU chapters in Wake County (Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Western Wake, Garner, Fuquay-Varina, Little River, State College) have recently joined forces and formed a NEW Wake County Greenwing chapter.  Efforts are well under way in putting together our inaugural, county-wide Greenwing event.  On Saturday, May 6th, we will be staging a Greenwing Fishing Day for at least 200 kids - and hopefully as many as 500 - at our county's newest and most beautiful venues, Bass Lake Park, in Holly Springs, NC.  In addition to taking the kids (boys AND girls) fishing (at a well-stocked lake!), we plan to have lunch, many hands-on exhibitors, games for the kids, and plenty of other fun activities.  A $10 registration fee for each child (Parents are free!) will include an annual DU Greenwing membership (ages up to 17), a year's subscription to the Greenwing Puddler magazine, a rod-and-reel / bait combo, commemorative Greenwing T-shirt, and all the chow and drinks they want.  We welcome one-and-all, kids and parents, to join in on all the fun with us.  For more information online, click here.

For further information, please contact Tom Cross (919-231-0644) or Bob Thompson (919-883-0858). 

See you at the lake on Saturday, May 6!

Camp Wildlife is a program of Clemson University's Youth Learning Institute in partnership with:  South Carolina Ducks Unlimited; The Clinton House; SCDNR; Remington and the University of Georgia.

For more information or to register for one of the summer sessions.