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April 2018

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Nine Ways Today's Waterfowlers Can Change History

Historically, waterfowlers have led the way for conservation. Here's a list of ways duck and goose hunters can make a difference in conservation.  

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Hunters and Conservation

DU CEO Dale Hall explains the unique relationship between hunters, anglers, and resources for wildlife conservation

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Conservation, the Economy, and You

By hunting waterfowl and supporting DU, you provide a host of benefits to wildlife and people

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Courtship and Pair Bonding

For waterfowl, timing is everything when selecting a mate

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Understanding Waterfowl: Nesting Period

The health of waterfowl populations depends largely on the ability of the birds to successfully nest and hatch broods

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Conservation Receives Key Funding in 2018 Omnibus

Wetlands conservation gets an almost $2 million increase

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Ducks Nesting in Your Backyard

Every apartment complex pond, golf course, park, and even some swimming pools can become targeted nesting areas

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Energy Transfer Partners contributes $5 million for conservation efforts

Ducks Unlimited teams with Energy Transfer Partners to support wetland conservation in Louisiana, Ohio

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DU Films: Charleston, Mississippi

Three current and former DU employees get together for a few days of outstanding waterfowling while reflecting on their careers in the outdoors and conservation

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Corporate Partner

Quality products backed by the Ducks Unlimited brand

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Duck or Goose Tacos

Combine wild birds with real south-of-the-border flavors to create a savory meal

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