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Late-Season Tactics

Finish the season strong

January for waterfowlers is defined by wary, decoy-shy ducks and geese. No matter how seasoned, every waterfowl hunter may need to try a few new tricks this time of year. This compilation of late-season tactics for ducks and geese will help you finish the 2013-2014 waterfowl season strong.

Finish Ducks with a Single Quack »  Late-Season Decoy Spreads »
Decoys for Moving Waters »  Five Great Goose Spreads »

More decoy, calling & other hunting tactics »

Migration Alerts

Late-season migration patterns taking shape

Ducks Unlimited Migration Map: Follow the Migration

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January Gear Guide

Gear GuideCold-weather gear

There's no reason to suffer through a cold waterfowl hunt ever again. The DU Newsletter editorial team has chosen various levels of quality cold-weather gear for any hunter or situation. From base layers to gloves, this is the gear that will get you through the late season.

Find your gear »

High-Tech Duck Guns

DU Magazine A roundup of the latest models and design innovations from leading shotgun makers

Today's duck guns are marvels of engineering. They are lighter, shorter, and much more versatile than the old lead-shot-era Long Toms our grandfathers used. Modern waterfowl guns cycle a wide assortment of shell sizes and are multipurpose enough to handle everything from clay targets to turkeys as well as ducks and geese.

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DU News: Recent Headlines

DU NewsScot Storm named 2014 Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year

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More Headlines

DU's Regional Fundraising Initiatives

Connecting waterfowl and conservationists across North America
Photo: Russ Verbofsky

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Biggest Mistakes in Duck Hunting

How to avoid the most common errors committed by waterfowl hunters
Photo: Avery Outdoors

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Understanding Waterfowl: Fat Is Fit

Gaining weight is a good thing for waterfowl during fall and winter
Photo: Chris Montano

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In this issue
  • Late-Season Tactics
  • High-Tech Duck Guns
  • Gear Guide: Cold-Weather Gear
  • Migration Alerts: Migration Patterns
  • Shooting, Retriever Tips
  • DU Regional Fundraising Initiatives
  • Waterfowl Biology: Fat Is Fit
  • Biggest Duck Hunting Mistakes
  • ... and more

Favorite Member Photos

Member Photos Check out our editors' favorite selections from DU's Member Photos of the Day for the month of December.

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Corporate Partner Spotlight

Leading companies, corporations and brands recognize Ducks Unlimited as the leader in wetlands conservation and one of the largest and best membership organizations in the world.

DU Partners

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Ducks Unlimited K9 Club

Make your dog part of the DU family!

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NSSF Shooting Tip

Don't look down the barrel

Gil Ash of OSP Shooting Schools demonstrates why shotgunners shouldn't look down the barrel, nor at the bead. By focusing on the target you might see fewer targets but you'll surely break more.

Shooting Tip

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Retriever Training

Finding birds deep in the woods

Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels provides tips for teaching your dog to find birds that have fallen in a wooded area.

Retriever Training Tip

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Waterfowl Recipe

Duck Scaloppine, by Scott Leysath

Waterfowl Recipe

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