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May 2007 Edition

Getting Started Right

How to Pick the Right Shotgun for Young Waterfowlers

by Aaron Fraser Pass

Click here for full story.If location is the key element in real estate value, comfort is the critical aspect of successfully starting a new shooter into the world of waterfowling.

The comfort factor mostly falls into three categories:

1. Comfort with the gun.

2. Comfort with the recoil.

3. Comfort in the overall situation.

Read how to evaluate these factors and learn how to pick the right shotgun for young duck hunters.


Waterfowl Trivia

Know Your Ducks

So, you think your waterfowl IQ is pretty sharp? See if you can identify the name of the waterfowl species with following traits:

  • I have a peaked, angular head profile, distinctive white bill markings, and uniformly dark upper wings. (male)
  • What is Your Waterfowl IQ?I have an iridescent black head, neck, breast and upperparts. (male)
  • I'm relatively silent except in display when a low whistling note is uttered.
  • For breeding, I prefer sedge-meadow marshes, swamps, and bogs surrounded by woody vegetation.
  • I dive in shallow water to feed on tubers, seeds, and leaves of moist-soil and aquatic plants. I also eat aquatic insects, snails, and clams.
  • Average length: M 17", F 16.6"
  • Average weight: M 1.6 lbs., F 1.5 lbs.

Stumped? Click here for the Answer!

Brush up on your Waterfowl IQ in our Waterfowl Gallery!

National Convention

Join Ducks Unlimited in Anchorage

Wetlands and waterfowl leader to have annual convention

May is National Wetlands Month. What better way to celebrate than with Ducks Unlimited at its 70th Annual CDU National Conventiononvention in Anchorage, Alaska, May 23-27. The event is both a celebration of DU’s first 70 years in habitat conservation, and a planning forum for its future wetlands and waterfowl conservation work.

“We have an exciting agenda planned, with educational and inspiring meetings, complemented by a full menu of parties, tours and side trips,” said DU’s President, Dr. Jim Hulbert. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip that is sure to be unforgettable, so we hope to see lots of DU members there.”

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DU Partnerships

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Hunt & Home™ Wild Game Cooking

Plum Good Tenderloin

Being a Hunt & Home Advisor proves to be another fun, rewarding volunteer role for all who want to support DU’s mission! As an advisor you help others understand the passion for habitat and wetland conservation and have fun with parties and recipes like the one featured below.

Check out Hunt & Home at and sign up today!

Cooking Directions:

Prepare the Central Flyway Wild Rice as instructed on the carton. By the time the tenderloin is ready to serve your rice will be ready too! Brown the tenderloin cubes in the olive oil until browned, about 8-10 minutes. Be careful not to overcook the meat. Add the Red Plum and Toasted Sesame Sauce to the meat in the pan.

Fold sauce over meat to coat all the pieces. Simmer 5 minutes and serve over Central Flyway Wild Rice Blend and a few asparagus spears. Spoon any leftover sauce over the meat. Garnish by sprinkling fresh or toasted sesame seeds.


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