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June 2007 Edition

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Puppy Selection Tips

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While hunting season is still a few months away, many waterfowlers are selecting new hunting partners to join them in the blind, come this fall.

No doubt, selection of the right pup to meet one's particular expectations is extremely important.

Making a correct choice can improve the odds of producing an excellent retriever with the least amount of frustration and perhaps even avoid disappointment.

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DU News

Bruce Lewis Elected Ducks Unlimited President

Longtime Ducks Unlimited volunteer and national officer Bruce Lewis of Natchez, Mississippi, was elected president of Ducks Unlimited at the 70th Annual Ducks Unlimited Convention in Anchorage, Alaska. Lewis succeeds Dr. Jim Hulbert, who is now the wetlands and waterfowl conservation organization’s chairman of the board.

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DU in D.C.

Prairie Pothole Region not protected by Clean Water Act

World’s most productive duck breeding grounds in immediate danger

Most wetlands remain in jeopardy today. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, geographically isolated wetlands are not protected under the Clean Water Act. The two federal agencies issued a joint guidance Tuesday for how their field offices should interpret and implement the Rapanos-Carabell Supreme Court decision of 2006.

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Duck of the Month


Anas platyrhynchos

Click here to learn more.With a distribution that spans the northern regions of the world, the mallard is most likely the best-known duck, as well as the most numerous. In North America, in years of good water and production, mallards number about 9 million birds.

The drake’s unmistakable glossy blue-green head with its white neck ring gives it its common name, greenhead. The drake has a chestnut-colored breast, abruptly ending at its silver sides and underbelly, a feature readily discernible even in flight. A rim on white-edged tail feathers on the rump of both sexes is also distinct, as is the white-edged purplish blue speculum. The back is gray, the bill greenish yellow, and the legs orange or red.

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DU Partnerships

Click here to learn more.Yamaha is Outdoors with DU

Supporting Chapters with Special Offers and Official Licensed Vehicles

Yamaha, an Official DU Licensee, is delivering the toughest, most reliable ATV and side-by-side vehicles to a duck blind near you! And with each DU Edition Grizzly 700 or Rhino 660 purchased, a portion goes right back into supporting our wetlands.

Find a dealer to help with your Chapter’s next fundraiser.

Featured Cooking Video

Cajun Duck Legs & Thighs

From the frying pan to the fryer, it's the finest in wild game recipes with Fresh from the Field, featuring chef Scott Leysath.

Click here to watch Scott's secret to serving up duck legs as part of this tasty cajun treat.

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