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April 2007 Edition

Retriever Training

10 Practices That Interfere with Retriever Training

Read full storyBy Robert Milner

Training your dog is extremely easy if you control his environment and channel his behavior in the directions you want. Your dog will practically train himself if you keep from interfering too much. However, many common training practices are totally counterproductive.

Click here to read a list of the major culprits and how to avoid them.

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Duck of the Month

Blue-winged Teal

Blue-winged teal begin returning to many states as they head north in April. Out of the country since their early fall passage in September, the drakes are now dressed for success sporting their sharp breeding plumage. 

This small dabbler is known for its twisting, turning flight and for its strafing runs low over the marshes. Its small size and rapid wing beats give the illusion of high speeds.

Learn more facts about blue-winged teal


Latest News

DU in D.C.

Two momentous public policy events took place recently for DU, one at headquarters in Memphis, Tenn., and the other in Washington, D.C. First, in January, Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee Colin Peterson visited the Ducks Unlimited National Headquarters to discuss DU’s priorities for the 2007 Farm Bill. Click here to learn more about the meeting and what was discussed.

2007 Farm BillChairman Peterson is paying close attention to DU’s priorities, and praised a document created by DU and 16 other conservation groups, saying “these are the folks that are on the ground, that make things happen out there.”

The other big news happened in mid-March when DU Executive Vice-President Don Young sat down with Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns and several other USDA officials to discuss the future of the Conservation Reserve Program and other agricultural conservation programs. At the top of the agenda was elimination of new enrollment into the CRP program, which could ultimately take more than 2 million waterfowl out of the fall migration. Click here for more information on this significant meeting.

DU Partnerships

Avery Outdoors

Avery Introduces the Ultimate Internet Resource for Your Retriever!

Avery Sporting provides a unique one-stop-shop for retriever enthusiasts. By clicking on the tabs you can meet Team Waterdog and the Avery Sporting Dog Specialists, and you can check the upcoming events page to see when they’ll be in your area.

Other features include regular training tips from the team, and through the forum you can communicate directly with the experts about anything “dog”. The site also provides in-depth descriptions and photos of all of the Avery Sporting Dog products. New products include the new training video Problems and Solutions by Danny Farmer and numerous Ducks Unlimited Licensed Products like the ATB, HexaBumper and the much anticipated Ruff Stand.

Learn more at

Hunt & Home™ Wild Game Cooking

Red Plum & Toasted Sesame Grilled Duck

Being a Hunt & Home Advisor proves to be another fun, rewarding volunteer role for all who want to support DU’s mission! As an advisor you help others understand the passion for habitat and wetland conservation and have fun with parties and recipes like the one featured below.

Check out Hunt & Home at and sign up today!

Cooking Directions:

In a large bowl, combine olive oil and next 4 ingredients. Add half of the DU Red Plum and Toasted Sesame Sauce and mix well. Add duck and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate for 4 – 6 hours, turning often. Place on a well-lubricated white-hot grill, breast side down, until browned. Cook other side until duck is cooked to desired doneness. Use your DU Meat Thermometer to measure for desired temperature. Just before removing from the grill, baste each breast with remaining DU Red Plum and Toasted Sesame Sauce (not the leftover marinade). Optional; garnish with a sprinkle of toasted sesames.

Serve with generous portions of any of the Duck’s Unlimited Wild Rice Blend mixes; Atlantic Flyway with cranberries and apples, Central Flyway with mushrooms, Pacific Flyway with green peas and onions or Mississippi Flyway with chipotle and black beans.


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