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Mans Best Friend is a Well Trained Puppy Dog! Champion AKCLabs for Field & Family!


Houston, Texas Premiere Private Dog Training - HuntersCreekRetrievers offers Private In-Home On and Off-Leash Dog Training, BasicObedience & Intermediate Hunting and Retriever Training.


Our philosophy differs from many other "professionaldog trainers" who remove the dog from home and board during caninecompanion training. This can be very hard on any family and pet. We strive toeducate our clients, no matter what age, in providing positive praise based dogtraining reinforcement with the dog and owner in familiar environments close tohome.


As master you, and your family, are an integral part intraining a well-mannered puppy dog for service, therapy, competition, waterwork, gun dog or working retriever. HuntersCreek Retrievers, Premeire TexasLabradorBreeder trains dog and master for success at home and in the field, ourclient's families have included children as young as 3 years old who havemastered canine obedience commands within 8 weeks. We make house calls toassist each owner in puppy obedience or beginning and intermediate retrievertraining to achieve a successful canine companion utilizing verbal commands,hand signals and whistle training. Our training program has included variousbreeds including Pointers, Retrievers and Shepherds, along with various othergundogs, and sporting dogs for field competition and hunting.


Puppy Headstart Training Program is available, this includescrate training and basic obedience prior to delivery: Sit, Stay, Here, and Heelfrom Houston's Premeire


Personalized In-Home On & Off Leash Dog & PuppyObedience Training - Beginning & Intermediate Hunting Retriever Training


For additional Retriever Training information and dogtraining products including Innotek Contain & Train systems, remoteelectronic dog collars.

Contact us to set up an initial Evaluation of your familypet, problem dog or new puppy: John @

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