Beach/Shore Blind
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By HuskerDuckman - 12/1/2013 6:19:50 PM
I have a private body of water that a lot of birds love where water is way down. The only problem is that their favorite spot to hang out is on a stretch of shore where they have about 40 feet of sandy shore between the water and the summer shoreline. Was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for a blind we could set up to get us a better shot at some birds.  There are lots of timber piles lining the shore.  We're hoping to build a sturdy blind that we can pull out when the water comes back up.  Thanks in advance!
By Trackmyer - 12/1/2013 6:33:41 PM
Either build one, or check out LL Bean website and check out the 

Duck House Waterfowl Blind

Just an idea