Silver State DU

Everyone, not just DU Members, had the chance to help wetlands conservation in Nevada by obtaining the above NEVADA DU LICENSE PLATE. This attractive license plate has a portion of the cost that goes directly the conservation efforts of Ducks Unlimited in Nevada. The plate is now unavailable from DMV, however, those that have now have the plate will of course be able renew it each year.

Congratulations!! To everyone invoved in making the plate a reality- Thank You

To review local Nevada chapters and their status click on 'Local News'

To take a look at the DU events schedule for the next few months click on 'Event search'.

You may also view the Nevada State Fact Sheet by clicking on 'Fact Search'. This will give you information on the DU program in the state, projects, state officers and staff and other DU conservation information.

The 'State Contact' tab will display the Nevada DU officers and staff.

Thanks for helping the many volunteers in the Silver State that conduct the various fund raising events throught out the state. They help DU be a part of creating and maintaing a great wetlands conservation effort in the driest state in the nation. Join, support and volunteer!

Nevada DU