Public hunting opportunities on DU properties in Nebraska

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DU properties open to public hunting in Nebraska

Please review the rules and regulations for hunting on DU properties. Failure to abide these regulations will result in repealing of hunting privileges on DU properties. Each hunter must also read, understand and agree to the laws, rules and regulations of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to hunt on DU properties in Nebraska. These open properties and others can be found on NGPC's public access atlas.

Hinze property is an 86 acre tract located 3 miles south and two miles east of Rising City in Butler County.  Property is listed for sale and once sold will no longer be open to the public.

Beam property is 447 acres in Garden County, near Oshkosh, subject to Garden County Refuge Regulations

Bergen property is 75 acres located in Clay County, near Sutton. Property is listed for sale and once sold will no longer be open to the public. 

Morgan II  property is a 120-acre tract in Clay County, adjacent to Smith Waterfowl Production Area. 

Real is 160 acres adjacent to Real Waterfowl Production Area in Fillmore County.

Anest is 685 acres in Morrill County.

Craig is 224 acres in Lincoln County.

Cottonwood Ranch is 160 acres in Phelps County. Property is listed for sale and once sold will no longer be open to the public. 

Alberts is 121 acres in Kearney County.

Ohiowa is 112 acres in Fillmore County, near Ohiowa. Property is listed for sale and once sold will no longer be open to the public. 

Verona property is in Clay County located three miles east and one mile north of Clay Center. The Wolf North Unit on the property is reserved for youth hunting only. No fee is required to hunt on the property. A free access permit is required and can be obtained at the hunter registration site in the parking area of the Wolf North Tract (see map).

Dewel is a 214-acre tract in Keith county.

Hasemann is a 204-acre tract in Dodge and Cuming counties

Kohtz is a 40-acre tract in Hamilton County, north of Hampton.

Remmenga is a 160-acre tract in Clay County, just south of Clay Center.

Jessen is a 56-acre tract in northern Chase County.

Heidtbrink is a 160-acre tract in southeastern Polk County.

Swartz is a 160-acre tract in Phelps County.

Alberts is a 121-acre tract in Kearney County.

Kroker is a 100-acre tract just south of Sutton in Clay County.

Godtel is a 119-acre tract in Clay County near Harms WPA.

Weber is a 327-acres in Morrill County along the North Platte River is a PERMITTED ACCESS only site. It is NOT fully open to the public to avoid excessive wildlife disturbance and to reduce conflicts between people. Contact for a permit application.

Please follow all rules and regulations for hunting and use of Ducks Unlimited properties in Nebraska. All federal and state hunting regulations must be followed and licenses must be obtained while hunting on DU properties.