DU Completes Restoration of the Dedrickson Propert

Habitat restoration work on DU's Dedrickson property was completed in April 2009. The property was acquired two years ago as part of DU's Revolving Habitat Program. Under this program, DU acquires Rainwater Basin properties that offer a significant opportunity to restore waterfowl habitat. DU then restores the property, places a permanent conservation easement on the tract, and ultimately sells the property to a conservation buyer. Proceeds from the sale of the tract are then used to acquire additional habitat and repeat the process. The Dedrickson tract is located about three miles southeast of DU's Verona Complex in Clay County. Restoration work has included filling a large pit on the tract which was partially draining a 45 acre marsh. Additional sediment was removed from the wetland. Two small levees were constructed to restore two additional wetlands. A pipeline was installed to connect a well on the site to the two largest wetlands, providing an additional source of water to manage wetland habitats during dry periods. Grass has been planted on the cropland areas to restore native prairie. An easement has been sold to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, providing additional revenue to DU's Revolving Program and ensuring that the restored habitats will be protected foreve