What's My Member ID


Your 8-digit membership ID number is located on your Ducks Unlimited membership card and on the Ducks Unlimited magazine label.

A "check number" has been added to the end of your membership ID number located on your Ducks Unlimited magazine label.  PLEASE NOTE this number should not be used when creating your member login.  Please enter only the first 8 digits of the number if taken from the Ducks Unlimited magazine label.

When entering your Member ID taken from your Ducks Unlimited membership card, simply enter the Member ID as shown on your card.

Important:  You must enter all 8 digits of your Member ID.  If your Member ID begins with one or more zeros, you must include these when creating your login.

On the magazine label, for example, if your DU Member ID is 017632710, the last digit is not part of your member ID. On the membership card in this example, the DU Member ID number will not include the 0 on the end of it.