In State Conservation Programs

Listed below are a summary of upcoming DU projects in Missouri
  Public Lands:
  • B.K. Leach CA - Complete north end restoration of 970 acres.  Install pump on north end.  Initiate south end restoration, 1800 acres. 
  • Fountain Grove CA - Initiate Phase I Restoration, NAWCA Grant, 1100 acres.
  • Shifferdecker CA, satellite of Nodaway - restore 51 acre wetland.
  • Perry CA - enhance spillway and wetland units, 60 acre project.
  • Thurnau CA - Install pump on 70 acre unit.
  • Mingo NWR - Enhance 1700 acre BLHs by replacing large radial gate structure and installing spillway.
  Private Lands:
  • MeadWestvaco Robinson Lake - Restore 300 acre oxbow near town of Hayti.
  • Missouri Bootheel Partners Project - 3000 acres of cropland reflooding with rice - bean farmers.
  • Missouri Agriculture Wetlands Initiative - Restore 400 acres of degraded wetlands in Missouri River flood plain.
  • Confluence Easement Project - Promote DU easement program at confluence of Missouri, Illinois, and Mississippi rivers.