Delta National Forest - Greentree #8, Wetlands Enhancement Project

Purpose: To enhance 490-acre greentree impoundment on Delta National Forest through replacement of one water control structure. The new water control structure is made from 30-inch pipe, 119 feet in length with a screw gate to control the flow of water. This project provides valuable foraging habitat to migrating and wintering waterfowl within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Mallards, green-winged teal, gadwall and wood ducks will be the primary waterfowl species that benefit from this project.

Delta national Forest Greentree #8 construction improvements

Location: Delta National Forest (Sharkey County, MS)

Acres Impacted: 490 acres

Habitat Type: seasonally flooded forest

Partners: U.S. Forest Service
Ducks Unlimited, Inc

Construction was completed in fall 2008