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Hunting Guides & Outfitters

Beaver Dam Hunting Services - For over a century now, Beaver Dam Lake and the area surrounding it have been regarded as a premiere waterfowl destination in North Mississippi. Made famous through the writing of Nash Buckingham in the first part of the 20th century, it has become a place of historical significance that many hope to visit in their lifetime.

Delta Duck Hunts - Duck Hunting at the top of the Mississippi delta in Tunica, Mississippi, and in the heart of the Mississippi duck hunting Flyway. Delta Duck Hunts offers both guided duck hunting and unguided duck hunting on exclusive private duck hunting leases which are located adjacent to, or near, the Mississippi and Coldwater Rivers. The Mississippi Delta is well known for duck hunting, it's natural beauty and it's high concentration of waterfowl.

Mossy Island Outfitters - Mossy Island Outfitters prime Mississippi Delta hunting land includes more than 22,000 acres of natural habitat on flooded timber, rice, corn, and soybean fields as well as small brakes. We offer excellent habitat for all our game birds including duck, goose, dove, quail, pheasant and chuckar.

Tallahatchie Hunts - One of the most experienced guides in the Mississippi Delta, Mike "Catfish" Flautt has been hunting this area for over fifty years. Season after season, Catfish's clients can attest to his almost perfect success rate, as he does not hunt the heated pit blinds of deserted fields, but hunts "where the ducks are" everyday of the season, no matter what the weather brings.

Mississippi Delta Hunts - Over 30 years of duck hunting experience, as well as, a participant of Mississippi Outfitters Association. Come see what we have to offer you on your next waterfowl experience.

Duck Calls & Hunting Gear

Hood Wink Game Calls "While it is true, experience has taught me that understanding wildlife, specifically their communication is far more important to your chances of success than any other factor. Understanding and mimicking the language allows us the ability to control nature, promising food, water, sex, or whatever else the animal desires. Once they stray close enough, then they have been hoodwinked. This is not catch and release." – Greg Hood, Clarksdale, MS.

Hobo World Championship Duck Calls "Any more realistic and you would have to feed them!" – Kent Cullum , 3-time World Live Duck Calling Champion.

Primos Game Calls - Ask any hunter who makes the best game calls and chances are you'll hear the name Primos. Many call companies specialize in making calls for one type of game species. Primos makes calls for every category of game species hunted in North America. Everything Primos does, they do exceptionally well.

Flextone Game Calls - Nature Designed… Flextone Engineered. Flextone Calls are strategically designed to mimic the anatomy of a real mammal or bird to stem more natural and authentic sounds so that the hunter can increase more response when calling. Tom Wiley is the creator of Flextone Calls and continues to design and develop for Flextone today.

Crossland Game Calls - We may be a new name, but our love for the outdoors is not new. Calling wild game is a passion for all of us and our staff offers you a wealth of experience that includes state, national and world championships titles.

William Lester Custom Calls - Lester has been teaching art at Delta State University and living at Dockery Plantation for almost thirty years and has been an avid duck, dove and turkey hunter ever since. Lester, who specializes in sculpture, painting, mixed media collage and hand-colored linoleum block prints, has been making his own custom duck calls and decoys for almost thirty years.

Drake Waterfowl leading the industry with their innovations in Season Technology, Instinctive Features, Eqwader Technology, Fabrics/Materials, and the D2D Comfortrac System.

Mossy Oak Outdoors - Big things come from passionate people. At Mossy Oak, we're not just passionate about the outdoors; we're obsessed. We live and breathe the outdoors – hunting, conservation, stewardship and legacy. That's why we say, "It's not a passion. It's an obsession." That obsession is the foundation of Mossy Oak.

Longleaf Camo - If you want to disappear in the woods or in an open field … and enjoy the freedom of unmatched functionality … Longleaf™ Camo is the only camo for you.

Sportsman Camo Covers - With over 70 years in design and manufacturing, you can count on us for the best fitting seat cover. We take pride that our product is made here in Mississippi USA and not over seas like other seat covers. Thank you for choosing our product.

Food & Lodging

The Blue & White Restaurant Tunica, MS - Situated along Highway 61 in the northern reaches of the Mississippi Delta, the Blue and White Restaurant has been a Tunica County landmark since 1937—it says so right on the coffee cups, which are blue and white, too. The famous Beaver Dam, one of legendary outdoor writer Nash Buckingham's favorite hunting spots, is located nearby. Nash would commonly mention the Blue & White in some of his narratives.

The Onward Store Onward, MS - A passionate wildlife enthusiast and former Miss Mississippi, Mollie Magee VanDevender purchased the Onward Store as an opportunity to preserve this important historical landmark. Continuing the legacy of the most famous hunt in America, Mollie wants to provide a refuge for hunters, visitors and locals to experience the hospitality of the great state of Mississippi.

The Hollywood Café - Tunica, MS - Located in a quaint 1922 commissary, guest can expect the same warm southern hospitality that has been its legend for so long. The casual, relaxed atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. The Hollywood Cafe is southern dining at its best! Hollywood Café is also where the deep-fried pickle was born.

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