DU Mississippi's New State Chairman

2019 Mississippi State Chairman Steven Bridwell

Mississippi Ducks Unlimited is honored to announce Steven Bridwell as our new State Chairmen for the next two years. Steven brings with him many years of service and support with Ducks Unlimited along with a wealth of enthusiasm for Mississippi DU in his new roll as State Chairman. Steven has served on all levels for Mississippi DU from a chapter volunteer all the way up through the ranks and serving in various roles on the state council. Steven has hit the ground running in his new role and with his drive and passion for the future of the Ducks and conservation, Mississippi DU and Ducks Unlimited can only continue prosper and benefit from his service. Mississippi DU thanks you for all that you have done and what we can look forward to in the future. Congratulations again to our new State Chairman Steven Bridwell. 

Pictured above from left to right: Dwight Jones (Outgoing State Chairman), Steven Bridwell, Steve Cook (Senior VP of Region 4), David Victory, Ken Carroll, and Keith Hancock (All past MS DU State Chairmen).