Photo Rules & Guidelines

The following applies to all photos submitted to the DU Members Photo Gallery.  Failure to comply to the following will result in your photo being declined and deleted.

1.  Images must be in proper orientation and scale.  If you scan your photo in preparation for uploading to the DU Member's Photo Gallery, please properly crop the image to eliminate all white space.


2.  Photo's over 15MB in file size will not be accepted.  All photos are automatically resized to 3000px wide when you upload them, so it is not necessary to manually size the image before uploading.  For best results, your image should at LEAST be 1680px wide.  Extremely small images will not be approved.

3.  All text supplied (i.e., description, copyright, credit, source) must use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Do NOT use ALL CAPS.  Ducks Unlimited reviews every photo before posting, and due to the volume of photos received, we cannot edit the text you provide.  If your information does not comply with this guideline, we will be forced to decline the photo.

4.  No obscene images are allowed.

5.  No photos of grisly or blood imbrued waterfowl or other wildlife should be uploaded.  Photos of waterfowl hunts must include individuals and/or dogs.

6.  No solicitations or advertisements are allowed in image or image description.  These photos will not be approved.

7.  Images may not suggest or encourage illegal activity.

8.  You must have copyright ownership of all photos that you upload.

9.  Respect the privacy of others. Do not upload photos that contain identifying information such as phone numbers, addresses, etc.

10.  All photos uploaded to the Ducks Unlimited Member's Photo Gallery become the property of Ducks Unlimited.  Please be sure to supply a "Credit" to your photo when uploading so the image can be properly credited if used outside of the DU Member's Photo Gallery or for other marketing purposes within Ducks Unlimited.

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