2012 Waterfowl Hunting Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention entries in the 2012 DU Members Photo Contest

Common Eiders at Penobscot Bay coming in to the bay from an ocean storm. (photo by Kevin Howell)

Sunrise over the dekes in AR. (photo by Chad Correll)

Hunting a wheat field in Manitoba. 32 Mallards and Pintails in 35 minutes. (photo by Samuel Strom)

Two of my husband's hunting buddies made one last trip to the truck before the sun came up to start our hunt. I layed in the wheat awaiting their return for this silhouette shot. (photo by Ginger Baker)

Closing time. (photo by Brent Johnson)

My son Drew retreiving a bull Canvasback on a foggy North Dakota sunrise hunt near Rugby, ND. (photo by Gary McCabe)

End of the hunt. (photo by Charles Connelly)

What are you doing here? (photo by Steven Quattlebaum)

We set up in clear sunny conditions, within 30 minutes went to a blizzard, this is Kara and owner Virgil toughing out the change, it was worth it. The change in weather was long over due and birds that had been spoiled with mild weather for weeks and a change in weather gave us the edge we needed. (photo by Michael Muirhead)

A Saskatchewan sunrise from a snow goose spread in a pea field. Truly worth the trip to go see and experience that area in the flyway. (photo by Michael Muirhead)