September / October 2019

Archived from the September / October 2019 issue


For the Ducks . . . Fall, for DU

A message from DU CEO Adam Putnam

DU's Rescue Our Wetlands Campaign

The remarkable story of how Team DU banded together to make conservation history

Duck Bulgogi

This Korean-inspired recipe complements the natural flavor of ducks and geese

The First Summer

Hens and their broods rely on a variety of wetland habitats as ducklings must grow quickly to join the fall migration

Shotgunning: Ducks over Decoys

Be ready when the moment of truth arrives

Understanding Waterfowl: The Magic of Migration

When and where waterfowl migrate is determined largely by day length, weather, and food availability

Retrievers: Dove Season Tune-Up

Hunting these plentiful game birds is a great way to get your retriever in shape for waterfowl season

Waterfowler's World: Early Goose Bonanza

In many states, resident Canada goose seasons provide hunters with high-limit, early-season action

Motion Decoy Strategies

The right kind of movement in your decoy spread can make all the difference

Secrets of a Successful Youth Hunt

Here's how to create an unforgettable hunting experience for beginning waterfowlers

Conservation Success Stories

These landowners are providing habitat that benefits waterfowl up and down the flyways