November / December 2019

Archived from the November / December 2019 issue

For the Ducks . . . Bucking the Trend

A message to Team DU

Waterfowler’s Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for the hunter on your list

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

A look at the vital program that is empowering women to embrace their wild side and get outdoors

Public Lands Playbook

Seven tips to help you outsmart ducks—and the competition—on public hunting areas

Cooking: New England Waterfowl Stew

This simple recipe is based on a cooking style that has been handed down through centuries

Retrievers: A Polished Dog

Improve your retriever's performance by correcting these bad habits

Shotgunning: Battling the Elements

Keep your shotgun functioning in even the worst weather conditions

Understanding Waterfowl: The Mystery of the Labrador Duck

This enigmatic species vanished nearly 150 years ago—we still don't know why

Waterfowler's World: It's Cold Out There!

Here's how to stay warm and comfortable in the blind when the mercury drops

Conservation: Protecting the Boreal Forest

This vast, wetland-rich region contains vitally important habitat for waterfowl and other migratory birds

30 Years, 30 Million Acres

The North American Wetlands Conservation Act continues to be one of the most important and successful conservation programs in history