May / June 2019

Archived from the May / June 2019 Issue


2019 DU Member Photo Contest

This year's winning photos capture the beauty and excitement of waterfowling 

Conservation: From the Ground Up

Agricultural practices that help farmers and ranchers improve the land are the centerpiece of new efforts to save threatened prairie wetlands

Cooking: Pulled Goose Barbecue

For meat that's tender and tasty, cook it low and slow

What Makes a Good Dog Great?

Experts share their opinions about the qualities that set the best retrievers apart from the rest of the pack 

The Spaniels

These retrievers offer full-size performance in a pint-size package

Insights: Nine Wonderful Years

Letter from the CEO

The Art of Conservation

For 85 years, the mission of the Federal Duck Stamp Program has been brought to life by the nation's most talented wildlife artists

Our Favorite Marsh

Wisconsin's famed Horicon Marsh is a prime example of how wetlands help connect people with nature and their communities

Hunting Five Classic Habitats

Tips from the pros on how to hunt these traditional duck and goose hot spots

Understanding Waterfowl: The Art of Deception

Brood parasitism is more common among waterfowl than you might think

Waterfowler's World: First Come the Teal

There's nothing like a September teal hunt to kick off the waterfowl season

Shotgunning: Duck Blind Safety

Follow these rules for safe and productive hunts

Field Reports: 2019 Early Spring Habitat Outlook

Wetland conditions are highly variable across key waterfowl breeding areas