January / February 2019

Archived from the January / February 2019 Issue


Conservation: Ducks Unlimited's Policy Volunteers

These dedicated men and women play a pivotal role in building support among elected officials for DU's conservation mission

Insights: We Mourn a True Wetlands Hero

Letter from the CEO 

Retrievers: Hunting from Boats and Blinds

Expert strategies to get your retriever comfortable, confident, and steady in these challenging conditions

Shotgunning: The 20-Gauge Duck Gun 

With the right loads and chokes, the increasingly popular 20-gauge is a viable option for waterfowlers, within limits

Understanding Waterfowl: Where Are the Ducks?

Thanks to new technology and cutting-edge research, waterfowl scientists are closer than ever to answering this age-old question

Waterfowler's World: Timber Tactics

Expert advice for hunting this classic southern habitat

Cooking: Waterfowl Stew with Red Wine

A little wine adds a lot of flavor to this hearty dish

Conserving California's Wetlands

Gold brought hundreds of thousands of people to California 170 years ago, but today water is the state's most treasured commodity and a key to healthy and abundant wildlife habitats

Drawing Inspiration

DU's Artist of the Year passes on his love of waterfowl and art to the next generation

Finishing Late-Season Waterfowl

Expert waterfowlers offer valuable lessons on how to fool decoy-shy ducks and geese

High-Country Geese

Hunting honkers and cacklers in the shadow of the Colorado Rockies