March / April 2018

Archived from the March / April 2018 Issue


The All-Purpose Pump

After a century of innovation, the slide-action repeater remains true to its origins as a versatile gun for all waterfowlers

Farming in the Flyways

Farm Bill conservation programs help producers provide vital habitat for waterfowl and improve their bottom line

7 Great Tips from Guides

Top waterfowling pros offer sage advice for honing your duck and goose hunting skills

Honker Heaven

The parklands of Manitoba offer some of North America’s finest Canada goose hunting

The Power of the Citizen

Insights from Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall

DU Volunteers Visit Capitol Hill

Inaugural DU public policy fly-in an overwhelming success

Retrievers: Finding a Fetching Name

Try using creativity to come up with the perfect handle for your retriever pup

Shotgunning: What I Learned in Shooting School

Hands-on instruction from a pro can help even veteran shotgunners improve their shooting form

Cooking: Wild Goose Reuben Sandwich

This classic deli fare is a great way to enjoy the savory flavor of corned goose or duck

Waterfowler's World: Scouting Smart

Expert tips on how to locate concentrations of waterfowl and prime hunting spots

Understanding Waterfowl: Woodies and Whistlers

Wood ducks and black-bellied whistling ducks are among North America's most interesting waterfowl

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