July / August 2018

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Wetlands: More Than Just for Ducks

Insights from DU CEO Dale Hall 

Recipes from the Road

The Sporting Chef shares his favorite regional duck dishes from across the continent 

How the Seasons Are Set 

Waterfowl harvest regulations are guided by sound science and a commitment to the stewardship of the resource 

New Guns & Gear: Ducks Unlimited's Product Guide for 2018

Take a look at this year's selection of the latest shotguns, ammo, and gear for waterfowlers

Field Reports: 2018 Late-Spring Habitat Conditions

An overview of wetland conditions on key waterfowl breeding areas

How to Feed Your Retriever 

Follow these nutrition tips to keep your duck dog healthy and primed for performance year-round

Grill, Baby, Grill!

Check out these time-tested tips before you put another duck or goose on the barbecue this summer

The Bead and the Barrel

A barrel's length, weight, rib, and bead all affect how well a gun suits its owner

Understanding Waterfowl: What's Wrong with Eastern Mallards?

Declining numbers of this popular species will likely result in changes to hunting regulations in the Atlantic Flyway

Waterfowler's World: Travel Tips for Waterfowlers

Here's how to plan a successful waterfowling road trip

Conservation: Aquatic Invaders

Invasive species are a serious threat to wetlands and waterfowl in many areas 

Strategies for Small-Water Ducks

Whether up north or down south, the smallest wetlands can offer some of the best hunting opportunities for dabblers