January / February 2018

Archived from the January / February 2018 Issue


Women Are Important to Ducks Unlimited

Insights from Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall

Wetlands, Waterfowl, and the Farm Bill

Now is the time to show your support for agricultural conservation programs that provide a host of benefits for wildlife and people

Ten Late-Season Waterfowling Mistakes

Follow these tips to avoid common errors and improve your success on winter waterfowl hunts

Art on the Wing

DU's 2018 Artist of the Year depicts the beauty of waterfowl for hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts

Retrievers: Home Alone

Follow these easy tips to keep your dog cool, calm, and collected when you're not around

Shotgunning: Anatomy of the Modern Duck Gun

These recent innovations have made the present-day duck gun the most practical waterfowling firearm of all time

Cooking: Waterfowl Cooking Basics

Follow these simple rules to get the most flavor out of wild ducks and geese

Waterfowler's World: Photographing Your Hunt

Don't miss the opportunity to capture moments that make each waterfowl season unique and memorable

Understanding Waterfowl: Bringing Back the Black Duck

Ducks Unlimited and its partners are using new scientific tools to restore this iconic species and its habitats

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