September / October 2017

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Celebrate Hunting and Fishing!

Insights from DU CEO Dale Hall

Conservation: Rice Stewardship

Working together to conserve rice lands, water, and wildlife

Retrievers: Leader of the Pack

Follow this advice to become the kind of take-charge owner your retriever deserves

Five Simple Spreads for Waterfowl

Hunt more efficiently and effectively this season with these downsized decoy strategies

Shotgunning: Setting Up for Success 

Here's how to position yourself and your decoys for better shots at waterfowl

Understanding Waterfowl: Migration Navigation

How do waterfowl find their way during their epic migrations across the continent?

Mixed-Bag Chili 

This one-pot classic turns the assorted waterfowl in your freezer into a hearty, rib-stickin' meal

Hot Guns on a Cold Bay

The waterfowling action heats up in early fall across this windswept tip on the Alaska Peninsula

Center Stage [DU Special Report The Life Cycle of Waterfowl: Part 2]

During migration, North America's waterfowl are sustained by vital wetland habitats on key staging areas

The Mobile Waterfowler

A lineup of the latest vehicles, boats, and motors for hunters on the go


About DU Magazine: Ducks Unlimited Magazine details the organization's efforts to restore wildlife habitat across North America as well as the recreational value of such environments. Features focus on hunting and fishing opportunities for avid sportsmen and women, technical sporting equipment profiles, buyer's guides, natural history stories and photographic essays.  [More...]

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