May / June 2017

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Conservation: Public Policy Priorities

Ducks Unlimited works closely with Congress and other governmental partners in support of its wetlands and waterfowl conservation mission

2017 DU Member Photo Contest

This year's winners captured a breathtaking array of waterfowl, wetland, and hunting images from across the country

Homemade Duck or Goose Sausage

Making sausage out of waterfowl is easy and the recipes are delicious

We'll Keep Trying to Move the Needle

Insights from DU CEO Dale Hall

Water Dog Workouts

During the dog days of summer, swimming is the coolest way to get your retriever ready for duck season

Field Reports: 2017 Spring Habitat Conditions

A closer look at the most common waterfowl illnesses

Understanding Waterfowl: Ducks and Disease

By supporting DU's wetlands and waterfowl conservation efforts, we can all help make the world a better place

Shotgunning: Teaming Up for Youth

School-based clubs are giving student-athletes opportunities to excel in the shooting sports

Waterfowler's World: Advantages of Moist-Soil Management

Encouraging the growth of natural seed-producing plants can yield a bumper crop of prime waterfowl foods

Revamp Your Autoloader 

Here's how to give an old semiauto a high-performance makeover

Mallards in the New Millennium 

An in-depth report on North America's most adaptable, abundant, and commonly harvested duck


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