March / April 2017



Celebrating 80 Years of the Pittman-Robertson Act

This landmark legislation provides crucial funding for wildlife conservation across the United States

Wild Duck Schnitzel

Old-country cooking turns panfried duck fillets into tender and tasty delights 

Spring Snow Goose Guide

Ten tactics and tools to help you harvest more light geese this season

Why the Mission Matters

By supporting DU's wetlands and waterfowl conservation efforts, we can all help make the world a better place

Quick Fixes for Better Shooting

Follow these 25 simple tips to bag more ducks and geese

Science: It's How We Make Decisions

Insights from DU CEO Dale Hall

Picking a Pup

Be sure to do your homework before beginning your search for a new retriever

Understanding Waterfowl: The Five Senses

A closer look at how waterfowl use sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell to thrive in the wild

Waterfowler's Notebook: Gear Maintenance Basics 

Four experts offer reliable advice for keeping your waterfowling equipment in fine working condition

Shotgunning: Tips for a Better Gun Fit 

Small adjustments to your gun stock can make a big difference in your shooting success