November / December 2016



Paying Tribute to Two Great Leaders

Insights from Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall

Crown Jewels of Conservation

These projects represent some of DU's finest work on North America's most important waterfowl landscapes

Shotgunning: Seeing the Bird

Let your eyes lead the way to better wingshooting

Conservation: Youth Hunting and Conservation Camps

These interactive outdoor experiences are helping to inspire a new generation of conservation leaders

Cooking: Savory Duck Stew

Slow-cooking is the secret to turning lean game birds into a delicious, hearty dinner

Retriever Training: Duck Blind Etiquette

All retrievers must learn the ins and outs of hunting in close quarters

DU 2016 Annual Report

An executive summary of DU's financial and conservation achievements during the past fiscal year

Waterfowler's Notebook: Movers and Shakers

Add these motion decoys to your spread to lure more ducks into shooting range

Understanding Waterfowl: The Flyways

For almost 70 years, this system has been the basis for waterfowl management in the United States

Tactics for Migrating Ducks

Follow this expert advice to bag more flight birds this season

Concealment Secrets

Five veteran hunters share their advice for evading detection by wary waterfowl