January - February 2014


High-Tech Duck Guns

A roundup of the latest models and design innovations from leading shotgun makers. By Phil Bourjaily.

Happy 40th Anniversary DUMAC

A look back at Ducks Unlimited de Mexico's first four decades and a look ahead at its highest priorities for the future. By Scott C. Yaich, Ph.D.

Fueling the Fire: DU 2014 Artist of the Year

DU Artist of the Year Scot Storm excels at painting waterfowl and mentoring youth. By Gary Koehler.

Five Great Spreads for Geese

Expert tips for decoying Canadas, Snows, Specklebellies, Cacklers, and Brant. By Wade Bourne.

Cooking: Dry-Aging Versus Brining

The author tests both methods for improving the flavor of waterfowl and is surprised by the results.

Shotgunning: Buying Used Guns

Here's a checklist of things to look over when buying a secondhand gun.

DU's Regional Fundraising Initiatives

Connecting waterfowl and conservationists across North America. By James Powell, Rich Smith, David Schuessler, and Ken Babcock.

Understanding Waterfowl: Cross-Seasonal Effects

Habitat conditions on migration and wintering areas may influence waterfowl breeding potential the following spring. By J. Dale James, Ph.D.

Pure Goldens

Golden retrievers have a long history as splendid gun dogs. By Gary Koehler.