September - October 2013


Spreading Our Wings in the Boreal

An innovative partnership will expand efforts to conserve vital habitat in this important waterfowl breeding area. By Kevin Smith and Fritz Reid, Ph.D.

Opening Day Mistakes

Following are some of the most common opening day mistakes committed by waterfowlers, and ways to avoid making them.

2013 Waterfowl Forecast

The following report provides an overview of the status of habitat conditions and waterfowl populations across key breeding areas in the United States and Canada.

Cooking: In Praise of Braising

This slow-cooking method is sure to make any duck or goose dish tender and delicious. By Scott Leysath.

Waterfowler's Notebook: Keeping Legal

The following advice will help waterfowlers stay on the right side of the law this season. By Wade Bourne.

Understanding Waterfowl: Tracking the Mallard Migration

Research has provided a wealth of new information about mallard movements and habitat preferences. By Luke Naylor and Andrew Raedeke, Ph.D.

Conservation: Renovating Greentree Reservoirs

Careful management is required to maintain the productivity of these classic waterfowl habitats. By Jody Pagan.