July - August 2013


Cooking: Making Marinades and Rubs

If your grilled ducks are dry, bland, and perhaps a bit livery, don't blame the birds.

The Ultimate Duck Dinner

Preparing the "ultimate" duck dinner can be a daunting task unless the menu is both user-friendly and delicious.

Field Reports: 2013 Duck Production Outlook

The stage is set for good waterfowl production on many important breeding areas

Understanding Waterfowl: Drakes and Ganders

A closer look at the fascinating mating strategies of male ducks and geese

Preventing Hard Mouth

Advance preparation is the best way to keep your retriever from mangling birds

Preserving Our Prairies

If you live in or have visited the Prairie Pothole Region recently, you have no doubt witnessed how quickly the landscape is changing. And if you haven't visited the Duck Factory lately, well, there is reason for concern.

DU's Gulf Coast Initiative

Turning the tide of wetland loss in this important waterfowl wintering area