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Project Information Project Objectives Status of the Project(s) Project Funding Source(s) Primary Motivation to Use Collector Well Decreased Flow From Collector Over Time? Measures Taken to Improve Well Yeild
Name Location Start Date Municipal Water Supply Agricultural Water Supply Conjunctive GW/SW Use Other Planning Small-scale Testing Large-scale Testing Full-scale Operation Other Agency/Owner Expense Grant Funds Other Environmental Concerns Water Demand Water Rights Research No Unknown Due to River Migration Due to Low River Flows No Flooding to Rip Fines Due to Laterals Clogging Increased Local Pumping Well Re-Development Lateral Replacement Added New Laterals
M&T/Llano Seco Ranch California 2004 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ?
Ukiah Public Works California 1966 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District California 1960 Y Y Y Y Y
Carmichael Water District California 1959 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Nearman Water Treatment Plant Kansas 1995 Y Y Y Y Y Y
City of Boardman Oregon 2000 Y Y Y Y Y Y
City of Cedar Rapids Iowa Y Y Y Y Y Y
Olathe District Kansas 1999 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Grand Gulf Nuclear Station Mississippi 1984 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Louisville Water Company Kentucky 1997 Y Y Y Y Y
City of Brookings* Oregon
Crecent City California Y
City of Marysville* Washington
Wabash River Ordinance Works Indiana Y
Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin 1953 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
City of Columbus Ohio 1980 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Seagrams Indiana 1939 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Des Moines Water Works* Iowa
Sioux Falls* South Dakota
City of Lincoln Nebraska 1994 Y Y Y Y
Sioux City Iowa 1989 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Sonoma County Water Agency California 1950s Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Le-Ax Water District Ohio ? ? ?
City of Pella Iowa Y
Perth Amboy* New Jersey
Deseret Generation Co-op* Utah
Parkersburg, WV* West Virginia
Alameda Reuse Diversion Facilities New Mexico ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Industrial Facility Missouri ? ?
Power Plant, Indiana Indiana ? ? ? ?
Los Alamos County New Mexico ? ? ? ? ? ?
Lake Havasu* Arizona
City of Kenewick* Washington
St. Joseph* Missouri
City of Zion* Illinois

* = This agency has no information because the project was not relevant or the contacted person did not respond.
? = This answer is an assumption.
Y = The agency returned the survey and responded yes to the corresponding question.


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