Catoctin Creek Project- Potomac Watershed, MD

A series or moist-soil impoundments and potholes totaling 8 acres were completed during the summer of 2005. Prior to wetland construction, the area was composed of poorly drained agricultural fields and marginal pasture. The new wetland complex now captures that run-off thus providing many water quality benefits to the Potomac and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. The constructed potholes will also offer ideal territorial ponds for locally breeding ducks in the spring and high quality foraging areas in the winter for migrating birds.

This project was made possible through the Potomac Watershed Partnership (PWP) whose mission is to create a collaborative effort among federal, state and local partners to restore the health of the lands and waters of the Potomac River Basin thereby enhancing the quality of life and overall health of the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding communities. Since 2001, PWP has restored over 700 miles of riparian habitat and more than 600 acres of wetlands.