NOLA Gun Bash

NOLA - 75 Gun Giveaway, do not have to be present to win!!

© Michael Furtman



This is the first ever NOLA Gun Bash and only the third Louisiana Ducks Unlimited Gun Bash.  75 Guns, a boat/motor/trailer package, and a Cabela's side-by-side  and other great outdoor products will all be given away at this event.

The Gun Bash will be held December 10th at the NOLA Motorsports Park, 11075 Nicolle Blvd. Avondale, LA  70094.  All guns will be given away from 3:00-7:00pm with a concert to follow from 7:00-9:00pm by The Boot Hill Band.

You do not need to be present to win but you must purchase a ticket


Kids 11 and under are free to attend. Winners must be over 18 to win a long gun and over 21 to win a pistol.

Each ticket will provide you entry to the gun bash event and will also serve as an entry in each drawing for all 75 guns.  Purchase as many tickets as you like!! The more tickets you purchase the more chances you have to win!!

Form more information on the event or additional ticket information contact:



Click the link below for a NOLA Gun Bash Flier.......... see you there!!



TAG # Guns Winner Name
1 Taurus Judge .410/.45- DU Edition Darin Kremer
2 Browning Buck Mark .22- DU Edition Carolyn Callais
3 Kahr Arms CT 380 Jay Tredanari
4 Hi-Point .40 S&W Vince Peranio
5 Browning Buck Mark .22- DU Edition Raelynn Guccione
6 Springfield 1911 .45- DU 2016 pistol of the year William Hales
7 Taurus Judge .410/.45- DU Edition Michael Joanston
8 Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Joshua Hunter
9 Glock G19 9mm 4" Roger Twigg
10 Tarus 709 slim 9mm Cameron Dice
11 Winchester XPR Hunter Vias 308 Rick Zimonier
12 Remington V3 12ga camo shotgun- DU Edition Mason Mayfield
13 Axis .223 compact John Morici
14 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Deaton Harris
15 Stoger Condor O/U 12ga Jason Centola
16 Stoger M3000 12 ga auto Spencer Aucoin II
17 Savage B Mag 17 Ben Miller
18 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Roger Ruff
19 Stoger O/U 20ga Joe Durr
20 Tikka T3 300 win mag Casey Hogan
21 Benelli Franchi Affinity 12 ga auto Craig Brogle
22 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Baeli Plumer
23 Winchester SXP Pump 12 ga. Steven Chase
24 Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor Ulysse Toups
25 Mossberg 30-06 DU Edition Jeff Reid
26 Savage .410/.22 Edward Rapier
27 Henry 17 hmr Goldenboy John Koch
28 Browning A-Bolt III Stalker 7mm David Victory
29 Tristar O/U 12 Ga- DU Edition Jens Nielsen
30 Yildez 12ga side by side Mark Cognevich
31 Howa 22-250 DU Rifle of the Year Alan Flake
32 Beretta A300 Outlander Chipper Chouquette
33 Remington 30-06 Christopher Schulz
34 Remingtom Model 870 compact Paul Matherne
35 Weatherby Element 12ga max 5 camo Benjamin Terrebonne
36 Winchester sxp tacticle 12ga Gerald Williams Jr.
37 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Dr. Hunter Charvet Jr.
38 Savage model 12FV .204 ruger Brian Brogle
39 Ar-15 5.56 Anderson Manufacturing Robin Delahussaye
40 Benelli M2 12 ga max 5 Bernie Arnould
41 Ruger 308 win Jens Nielsen
42 Mossberg .22 AR Boyd Mothe Sr.
43 Tristar O/U 20ga- DU Edition Cierra Battle
44 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Wayne Oubre
45 Stoger 12ga M3500 Max5 Camo Justin Frey
46 Tristar O/U 12ga upland Dustin Blanchard
47 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Walter Morton
48 Benelli Supernove 12ga tacticle Larry Cochron
49 Marlin Model 336Y 30-30win Rooney
50 Winchester SXP Max 5 camo 12 ga Mark Chouquette
51 Yildez 20ga O/U- Academy Gun Cameron Chouquette
52 Mossberg .17hmr model 817 Frank Nodier
53 Remington 870 express pump Raven Chartier
54 Browning Xbolt .243 with leupold scope Paula Panepinto
55 Mossberg .22 AR Ron Bartels
56 Ruger American Predator 243 Frank Horn
57 Benelli Supernove 12ga camo Robert Friedrich
58 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Matt Raiford
59 Weatherby 223 Tactile Bolt Action Devin Miller
60 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Roger Ruff
61 Henry 22lr lever action Chris Savoie
62 DPMS AR-15 Kyle Bordelon
63 Remington Model 597 Heavy Barrel .22- DU Edition Scott Falgoust
64 Taurus Judge .410/.45- DU Edition Ryan Martinez
65 Beretta M9 .22lr Kevin Nelson
66 Browning Buck Mark .22- DU Edition Cameron Nodier
67 Glock G23 .40 S&W 4" Charles King
68 Springfield 1911 .45- DU 2016 pistol of the year Brian Ponthieux
69 Rock Island .38 special Brad Baudot
70 Smith & Wesson .40S&W 4" Ryan Babcock
71 Springfield Armory XD-S .40 S&W Christopher Babin
72 Taurus Judge .410/.45- DU Edition Larry Matherne
73 Browning Buck Mark .22- DU Edition Benjamin Chiasson
74 Benelli Supernove 12ga camo David Bois Dore'
75 Ruger AR 5.56 Daniel Stanley
  Side by Side Carolyn Callais
  Boat Motor Trailer Jeffrey Harris