Pass-A-Loutre WMA - Delta Wide Crevasses

Purpose: To enhance migratory bird habitat at Pass-A-Loutre WMA by aiding in an effort currently underway called Delta Wide Crevasses; funded through the Breaux Act (CWPRRA). This project consists of maintaining existing crevasse-splays, construction of new crevasse-splays, and future maintenance of selected crevasse-splays on the WMA. Crevasse-splays introduce silt-laden waters of the Mississippi River into the marsh to create a constantly changing environment of deltic splays, mud flats, and ephemeral channels. These very fertile silt deposits provide ideal conditions for waterfowl food plants such as delta duck potato, freshwater three-square, and a multitude of submerged aquatics. This project will be managed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to maintain high quality foraging habitat for wintering waterfowl, while providing public hunting opportunities. Waterfowl hunting is excellent with over 150,000 birds commonly wintering on the WMA.

Acres Impacted: 1,300 acres

Habitat Type: Emergent marsh and submerged aquatics

Partners: Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Timeline: This project is currently under construction

DU Contact:

Bob Dew

Regional Biologist
646 Cajundome Blvd., Ste. 180
Lafayette, LA 70506
(337) 291-3065