Deep well project aids wetland, hunting in western Kentucky

Wetland health and hunting conditions got a boost in 2014 when Ducks Unlimited conservation staff installed a new deep well and pipe project at Ballard County Wildlife Management Area.

This project impacted the Lower Beaver Dam refuge pool and the Lower Hill Ridge hunt unit in Ballard County Wildlife Management Area, located in western Kentucky.

Prior to the installation of the deep well, sacrifices had to be made for management purposes. Ballard staff had to flood the refuge pool to full levels early in the season to allow water to flow adequately to flood the Lower Hill Ridge hunt unit. Early flooding top-killed too many acres of high quality moist soil plants in the refuge pool, and these food resources were not available during peak migration.

The new deep well provides much improved water distribution and moist-soil plant management options targeting 35 acres in the refuge pool and 57 acres in the hunt unit. Direct hunting blinds impacted by this include blinds 70, 73, 76, 80, HC1 and HC2.